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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Justin Hornsby 07/01/1990 - 03/17/2017

Sure miss watching Games with these Two
Jamie Hornsby   -     Doris Veazey


16 National Championships –

I have been fortunate enough to witness the last 6 in person.

 Funny thing is, in Alabama, seldom do you pick your “Team”.  It is usually handed down generation to generation.   You are either a Bama fan, or a fan of the team on the plains. Cool

 My greatest memories of the Crimson Tide are numerous.  From my late Father and I listening to John Forney and Doug Layton paint the picture of each play via the radio in our living room, to watching the 92 National Championship Game live in NOLA with my late Mother.  Or the 2012 National Championship with our late son, Justin Hornsby. Seeing the last 4 National Title Games live with my wife Michele (as a fan) I have lived the dream. 

You hear players say “I dreamed of playing at Bama” – well as a fan, growing up in the tiny town of Goodwater Alabama, I dreamed of seeing Bama play in person.  That dream came true as I saw my first Bama game in 1977, at the age of 18.  Of course Bama rolled to a 55-6 victory over the Cardinals of Louisville in a game that is forever etched in my memory.

Back in those days, memorabilia wasn’t available like it is now, and I became a collector of “unique” Bama stuff.   Good luck stuff – and the passion of collecting Alabama Memorabilia began to rival the passion of being a fan.  Whether it was a statue of an Elephant or a Bama Football player, and I begin to collect unique things as the years passed. 

My collection of unique Memorabilia has continued to grow, and turned into my collection of Tide Rides. Each year for the past 8 years, one or more of the Tide Rides, have been part of the annual Bama Homecoming in Tuscaloosa.  That too has been a great experience as a fan, to see the faces of other fans enjoy the parade. 

I developed this space to share those with you as a collector or as a Bama fan, I hope you enjoy.  

Each week during football season, I update this site (Blog-Scroll Down) and share my thoughts and my predictions about the upcoming game. 

To the left, you can click on the links for portions of my collection and the Tide Rides.
I would like to invite you to check out what the folks at Reese's have done.  The official candy of NCAA football, contacted me with interest in doing a story about "TIDE RIDES" and the fan who would have such a collection.  Yours truly obliged, and it was a good decision.  The crew spent a few hours with Michele and me and were the nicest people.  The entire crew was fantastic, but special thanks to Joey, Sarah and Marty.  You are welcome back anytime !!! There is a link at the bottom for you to enjoy the segment..entitled, "BAMA'S BIGGEST FAN"  ....yeah, I know.....  keep the comments about the title to yourselves... 

Enjoy and Roll Tide!!!!!!!!

Latest Addition to Tide Rides !!!!!



Thursday, September 7, 2017

Game 2 Crimson Tide vs Fresno State

Bama looked very good defensively and on special teams against the Seminoles.   But the victory didn’t come without a price – Bama lost 2 starters in the line backing positons for the season.   FSU didn’t fare well either, as they lost their starting QB to a knee injury for the season.  I think the most telling stat on Saturday was turnovers.  Bama obviously made some half time adjustments and FSU suffered the consequences of those adjustments.

Drive 1 PUNT.


Drive X. No drive. Fumbled kickoff.



Drive 5.  PUNT

Drive 6.  PUNT

Drive 7. END OF GAME

Bama completely dominated in the second half.

This week Bama is home against Fresno State and favored by 45.   Though I look for Bama to win big, I don’t think they cover.  It will be a great opportunity for Bama to get some new kids on the block, some playing time.

Look for the Tide to Roll in front of the Home Crowd.  Kick is at 2:30 ESP2

This is the first ever meeting of these two teams.

2013BamaRoom/BamaA.jpg                       2013BamaRoom/FresnoState.JPG

    41                   6


Thu, September 7, 2017 | link 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Game 1 - 2017 Bama VS FSU



 2013BamaRoom/591dfb9538c75_FSUBAMAwatermark.jpg.057f523c4c0db632729d536fcf352774.jpgBama starts the Season again ranked as the #1 Team in the Nation.  And what an opponent - Florida State ranked at #3.

After a great game, but a disappointing loss to the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship game, the Crimson Tide takes to the field on Saturday to challenge the Seminoles of FSU.

Bama vs FSU will be the inaugural game for the newly built Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.   Bama coming off a one loss season to Clemson.  FSU is coming into this game after a season with 3 losses.   But that was last year!  Bama lost a plethora of players to the NFL, and many think there may be a weakness in the O-Line.   There is however plenty of talent at the

skill positions to take some of the pressure off the O-Line.   In my opinion which is not worth much - FSU who struggled giving up sacks last year may have a long day if they have not shored up their front on Offense.

Many say this is a game that will preview the Playoff game at the end of the season.  Of course neither wants to take the chance of being that "one loss" team that is chosen. 

Kickoff is 7PM on ABC, Bama is favored by 6 to 7 depending on which betting line you follow.

Look for Bama to look a bit like the old POWER RUN - PLAY ACTION offense as the new offensive coordination Brian Daboll, takes the helm and guides the offense.  Jalen Hurts vs Deondre Francois will be one of many interesting matchups in this game.  Also interesting is a streak of Saban who is 10-0 verses his students.

I suspect each team will come out very much pumped and I expect typical sloppy play at times in the first game.   I do look for the Tide to pull away in the 4th with a bit more depth than FSU.









            20               27



Fri, September 1, 2017 | link 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bama VS Clemson National Championship

2013BamaRoom/alabama-clemson-nat-champ-hat.jpgPinching myself – 14-0.   26 in a row – and one more to go!!!  Considering the amount of time I have spent watching Bama (and Football in general) Football, I don’t recall a run like this in my life.  Of course I know Oklahoma owns the longest win streak, but that’s not what I am talking about.   I am writing this on the 10th Anniversary of Nick Saban being hired at Alabama.  The only way to describe the past ten years is DOMINATE – DYNASTY – STIFLING – OVERWHELMING… the list could go on and on.  Saban has done a phenomenal job, and there is no end in sight.  In fact as long as he continues to get the best recruits – I don’t see an end to the domination.  

Every year you hear the press say this is Sabans best Defense – yet the next year they are saying the same thing.  Though a different era – it reminds me of the 70’s when Bear would reload instead of rebuild.   And here we are, for the 2nd year in a row, facing Clemson in the National Championship Game.  WOW…. I pinch myself again.

Washington fell to Bama in the first round of the playoffs in spite of The Tide not having a stellar performance on Offense.  In fact Jalen Hurts was held to a season low of 57 yards passing.  But the DEFENSE – well they played LIGHTS OUT!  Scored a TD – 15th this year! WOW!

Clemson SHUT OUT – the Ohio State Buckeyes – in a game that really didn’t include much offense from the Buckeyes.   Credit Clemson’s defense as they stymied OSU all day.  In the meantime Clemson led by their QB Deshaun Watson scored 31 points.   Thus setting the stage for a rematch of last year’s NCG – The Tigers and The Tide!

Bama comes in as a 6 point favorite however, the big money in Vegas is going on Clemson. What does that mean?  Well I think it means, everyone watched the playoff and saw Clemson dominate OSU and based on that – the revenge factor and “Been there before” – that Clemson is ready to dethrone the might Crimson Tide?  Now throw in another caveat – Bama is without the Mastermind Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin – WHAT?  Yes, his “MUTUALLY agreed upon” exodus occurred the day after the playoff game.   Personally, I don’t think this move will matter a lot.  Why?  Well, I have to think that Steve Sarkisian has been in on much of what is going on with the Bama offense and don’t forget he comes from USC – and he and Kiffin were big buds.  And if I am not mistaken, David Cutcliff was the Tennessee OC who left UT before their NCG in 1998.  But let’s face it, in those days most people didn’t know who the OC was anywhere.  As we didn’t have the social media outlets of today.  Nonetheless – I think there may be a hiccup or two, but I don’t think it will be a deciding factor.

The deciding factor – I think will be Defense!  The old saying “defense wins championships”.   No doubt Alabama has the best Defense in the game.  So no surprise, Bama to win, will have to stop the run, and be able to run the ball, thus control the tempo – and shorten the game.  And pressure QB D. Watson.  Can they do it?  I think so. 

So, I don’t look for a 45 – 40 game like last year.  In fact I think if it becomes a scoring fest, Bama will have a difficult time keeping pace.  So I look for a lower scoring game, but Bama to come out on top with another National Championship.

             23                   17


 Roll Tide !!! 

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Semi Finals Playoff Bama Vs Washington

Bama basically dominated Florida in the SEC Championship Game.  Scoring on Defense, and special teams.  As the game wore on, you could tell Bama was dominating on both sides of the ball. 54 - 16 was the final score, but it honestly seemed it could have been worse.  Now with the SEC Championship behind them, Bama plays yet again in Atlanta, in the Peach Bowl who is hosting the Playoff Semi Finals. 

Where were you 91 years ago?  Well, you likely weren't here... but the Bama Vs Washington game then, has been given the label of the Football Game that changed the South.  Bama won that 1926 ROSE BOWL game by a score of 20 -19.  Bama was a heavy underdog - but pulled off the big upset.  Fast forward to New Years Eve 2016 Bama VS the Huskies and the roles are reversed.   What does that mean, well nothing really, but it is fun to look at the history of the series between these two teams.

Bama is the undisputed top ranked team in the country.  Washington comes in with one loss and ranked number 4.  Most think Bama will dominate the Huskies and Vegas has the Huskies as a 14 point underdog.  But don't for a minute think Washington is soft, or a team that isn't talented.  They are right up there with Bama in scoring, and defensive stats. 

Rushing offense

1. New Mexico 360.9

14. Alabama 245.0

36. Washington 210.0

Passing offense

1. Texas Tech 463.0

31. Washington 267.1

68. Alabama 226.3

Total offense

1. Louisville 566.6

22. Washington 477.2

26. Alabama 471.3

Scoring offense

1. Louisville 45.3

4. Washington 44.5

13. Bama 40.5

 Rushing defense

1. Alabama 63.4

2. Wisconsin 96.9

17. Washington 123.5

Passing defense

1. Michigan 135.9

15. Alabama 184.5

22. Washington 192.6

Total defense

1. Alabama 247.8

2. Michigan 252.7

10. Washington 316.2

Scoring defense

1. Alabama 11.8

2. Michigan 12.5

8. Washington 17.0

Turnover margin

1. Washington +21

36. Alabama +5


1. Navy 30

38. Alabama 66

55. Washington 70

 3rd down offense

1. Navy 55.7%

15. Alabama 47.5%

24. Washington 45.1%

3rd down defense

1. Michigan 20.9%

6. Alabama 29.5%

9. Washington 30.7%

Sacks by

1. Florida State 47

3. Alabama 45

13. Washington 37

 Red Zone Convers

1. Florida State 96.3%

4. Washington 94.7%

28. Alabama 88.7%

As you can see from the stats,  on paper this should be a close game - perhaps a defensive battle.  A couple of things that really jump out at me -   Turnover Ratio - Washington is a + 21   Bama +5.   When you think of all the scoring on D that Bama has done, it should be clear that Bama is prone to turn the ball over.  In this as most games, Bama can ill afford turnovers.      If Hurts has a big day and protects the game, it could be a Bama blow out, otherwise, Bama may be in for a tussle.

By the way, the last time Bama played Washington was in the Sun Bowl - 1986.  Bama ranked 13 won that game vs #12 Washington by a score of 28 - 6. 



          27                17

Roll Tide !!!


Thu, December 29, 2016 | link 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 14 Bama Vs FLA SEC Championship

Bama Vs FLA SEC Championship

Before jumping headfirst into the SEC Championship game a few words about the Iron Bowl.  Though the score didn't necessarily reflect "THE GAME" Bama's defense dominated.  It bailed the Offense out of a couple of mistakes.  Jalen Hurts threw two interceptions and though Bama recovered, he and others put the ball on the ground too many times.  Bama didn't lose any of the fumbles, none the less with a bounce here and there, we would be looking at 5 or 6 turnovers.   I say that for a couple of reasons.  Despite of the fact that Bama had two turnovers that turned into field goals, this defense has kept opponents out of the end zone since OCTOBER.

Now on to a game that 25 years ago, Bama fans FEARED!  As Coach Stallings said, we have won all our games and still haven't won anything yet.   Ironically - those teams that faced off 25 years ago, are again in the now historical SEC Championship game.

Another parallel, this Bama D - is being compared and in some cases to that 1992 Stallings team.   Bama is undefeated - Florida with Jim McElwain is 8-3.  That parallel I mentioned stops at that point of the defense.   Florida has been riddled with injuries all year, including the quarterback position.  Those injuries along with the lack of offense resulted in the losses.  Keep in mind this is McElwains second visit to the SEC Championship game, a feat unprecedented for a "rookie" SEC coach.

 Bama still ranked #1 in the Nation is a 24 point favorite by the folks in Vegas.  YES 24!  Only once in the quarter century history has another team been a heavier favorite.


There really is not much to say here, other than Bama is playing for all the marbles, a loss could result in not being included in the final 4.  Florida is playing for much less stakes.  This alone is not pressure, but motivation.  A couple of the Bama players said in interviews after the Iron Bowl "This was just another game".  Reporters seemed to think that is a crime to call the Iron Bowl - JUST ANOTHER GAME - I think it is the mentality of this team, as they continue their march toward another National Championship.

I look for Bama to win, and almost cover the spread.


      12                 33



Thu, December 1, 2016 | link 

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