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The Amphicar

The Amphicar built in Germany between the years 1961 and 1968.
Ck it out in Action on Lake Martin - The Most Recent was Memorial Day 2009


IPM.jpg purchased my Amphi several years ago from a South Dakota Museum.  Odd how it worked out....those who know me realize that I am attracted to unique vehicles...and one day on HBO a movie called Pontiac Moon came on.

If you ever see or have seen this movie the plot of the movie is an enthusiastic professor decides to drive with his son from their home in California to a natural crater in Idaho in exactly the same time as Apollo XI gets from Earth to Moon, while his wife stays home struggling with her fear of the outside world.

He is a collector of Unique Autos..among them A Pontiac Chief which he and his son drive.  His wife however drives the Amphicar to find them and this car caught my attention for certain.  I had never seen one and it was love at first site.  Subsequently the Amphicar in the movie served as the getaway vehicle for the family as they "drove into a river" into Canada to safety :)

My search was on, of course I had the internet (this was several years ago) but it wasn't nearly as effective with content .... as I searched for an  operable Amphicar, I found the one in SD and fortunately it was for sale.  We negotiated, I bought and shipped it to Billy Syx in New Jersery for restoration.